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Just Dance - NOW!

Everyone loves the video game JUST DANCE!

Play Just Dance Now with the masses at your event!

How about 100 people play JUST DANCE VIDEO GAME all at one time - the same game!??  How about 2000 guests at the same time - same game?

Bring the excitement to your event - indoor or outdoor with JUST DANCE NOW!  Play this video game with large crowds and FULL CROWD PARTICIPATION at school events, college events, corporate events, conventions or add this game as a pre-show to Outdoor Movie Nights!

Any guest at your event with a phone can login with a code on our app for one GIANT game of JUST DANCE NOW!  Add this to any event for entertainment or play it alone.

We are sure about one thing - your guests will JUST DANCE NOW!

CONTACT US for more details!  We are excited to tell you about this game!


For more information or details, EMAIL US or Give us a Call at 970-613-1886.  We are always happy to help!