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Time Travel Paradox

Is there another world beyond the one we live in?  Can time travel forward or backwards?

Up to 5 Players Available

30-40 Minutes per Game/ Team is Recommended for Time Travel Paradox

If you do not finish the mission, we invite you to come back and play again -or- extend your mission segment at your next event!


Game Introduction & Summary

Your research team had just finished work on the world’s first prototype time machine. However, your colleague, Dr. Hessenberg, chose to betray everyone and steal the time machine for himself! To hide his crime, he decided to send all his teammates back in time to the Jurassic era to be eaten by dinosaurs. You need to find a way to get back to the present and stop Dr. Hessenberg before something catastrophic happens!

Are you looking for clues on how to beat the Time Travel Paradox?  We're not going to just GIVE them to you! :)

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