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Virtual Reality Event Entertainment & Arcade Game Rental


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How Our Collaborative VR Works!

Our Virtual Reality Experiences are social (not individual or isolated) with up to 5 players in the same virtual and actual space at the same time!  When you play VR in the same physical space and virtual space, you get a richer more satisfying social experience at your events (whether you are a gamer at heart or have never played!). Our VR experiences encourage social connections via the technology itself as well as through the types of collaborative activities you participate in within the game.

We will pre-plan with you prior to your event to choose the Virtual Escape Room you and your guests would like to experience.  Based on the size of your group, we can adjust the VR Experience for your guest to 5-40 minutes per game/ group.  A short introduction and instruction will be given once you are in the Virtual World.  You will directly see and work with each player or team member of your group IN the virtual room!   Like any escape room or team-activity, working together is important and the key to your success!  A tech is included to help each player as they enter the virtual world and helpful hints inside the VR world if needed!  We will work with your guests each step of the way!

There is NO dizziness or motion sickness in Immersive Virtual Reality!  You will physically do each movement in both the real world and virtual world (bending over, picking up, reaching, throw/ catch etc.) and work together with your teammates to escape the VR world!  Your body still works together with your mind like you do in the "real world" with our wireless room scale technology.  Each participant must be at least 10 years old, able to carry 10 pounds (VR Backpack), wear the Headset or "VR Goggles" and be physically able to play each game.

At your event, we will provide an Open-Air 20'x25' Arena for your "virtual room" to add to your event's look and decor.  All VR Games have "virtual walls" without the arena in place.  If you are not playing, watching your friends or colleagues can be very entertaining, too! :)  Sharing this collaborative experience with your family, friends or coworkers is this ultimate 3D Cinematic Adventure and Interactive Entertainment for every age group!  Ask about our external viewing options for your other guests to enjoy during your event!

Are you ready to PLAY IN ANOTHER WORLD?  We promise, you will be hooked and coming back to continue your VR Adventures!

Why Do I Need Virtual Reality At My Event?

PLAY with Amazing Themes - Activities, Adventures, Puzzles and Experiences that are simply not possible in real life - "IN ANOTHER WORLD"!

Social Collaboration - ​Our VR Games are focused on keeping the social element of traditional Escape Rooms. They keep people working together and interacting with each teammate throughout the entire game!