Play In Another World

Virtual Reality Event Entertainment & Arcade Game Rental

The Rilix Coaster provides an incredible experience for all ages - at any event!

Bring the fun to your event with this Rilix Virtual Coaster - a complete virtual reality roller coaster simulator. This 100% immersive experience offers amazing visual scenarios, vibrations, and wind systems to make your virtual experience feel like reality. The 2-Seater Rilix VR Rollercoaster will take you on a thrill ride adventure – without leaving your event – or even the ground! This arcade-style attraction will fill every guest at your event with Adventure and edge-of-your-coaster thrills! Maybe you can forget actual reality for a while and escape to another world to play!  Other guests can watch the screen behind the players to see what they are experiencing on their ride!

For more details or information, please CONTACT US!  We are happy to help!

This attraction is new in 2024!  More pictures coming soon!