Play In Another World

Virtual Reality Event Entertainment & Arcade Game Rental



Up to 5 Players Available

30-40 Minute Games Per Team Recommended for Laserbots 

If you do not finish the mission, we invite you to come back and play again -or- extend your mission segment at your next event!


Game Introduction & Summary

You are on a mining platform on an asteroid mining yellow crystals. Your team is preparing for evacuation when a giant robot on wheels shoots your evacauation ship out of the sky! You’ll need to destroy the giant robot before your ship can come back in and you’ve only got 10 minutes before the giant robot crushes you! Fortunately, your team has access to a giant laser that is powered by yellow crystals that can be found powering the robots around here. Using your laser swords and shields, you will have to deflect lasers, collect crystals and explode robots to survive.


Game Preview (we can't show you all of it!)

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